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Myanmar Eye Care Project is a non-profit organisation run by ophthalmologists to help poor patients of Myanmar and other countries.


Organising Members
  • Dr Geoffrey Cohn (Head of program)

  • Dr Richard Rawson

  • Dr H. Kwon Kang

  • Dr SaiWin

  • Dr Simon Irvine

  • Dr Gerard Sutton

  • Dr Peter Martin

  • Sr Barbara Roberts

  • Dr DimitriYellachich

  • Dr Sunil Thangaraj

  • Mr Kyaw Htoo Aung

  • Dr Ben Clark

  • Dr Eugene Hollenbach



Dr Geoffrey Cohn (email:

Dr H. Kwon Kang (email:, ph: +61 416 774265)



Suite 2, Ground floor

187 Macquarie Street

Sydney NSW 2000


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